Spotted: a BMW M2, some coffee cans & a man’s best friend

In a packed parking lot at BMW tuning legends, Studie Tokyo, this M2 didn’t immediately stand out to us. Upon initial inspection, it looked just like one of many customer cars waiting to be serviced.

It was not until we spoke with the owner to learn more however that we started to notice all the modifications done to the car to make it faster around Fuji International Speedway – see if you can spot them all!

The massive ENDLESS monoblocks, forged BBS F1-R’s and ADVAN Neova setup hints at how the car is used when the owners dog is not in the passenger seat.

Power is increased with larger intakes, charge pipes, a Studie intercooler and an aftermarket ECU.

Most would find it hard to notice the smaller details like the lightweight wheel bolts.

You know a BMW is modified the right way when the guys at Studie AG has worked on them.

Recaro’s, alcantara steering wheel, carbon scattered around the cockpit and a manual shifter – what else would you really need.

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