Tokyo Late Night Meet Series: Oi PA saves the night

Last Saturday started well at Daikoku. We had a snow weather warning the day before so everyone was itching to get out after spending Friday night at home. There were a lot of interesting cars on display but it was a visit from Team Daishin Family ‘Blast’ and their Bosozoku style cars that caught everyone’s attention. They made a brief stop by the truck area allowing us to capture some photos before the authorities shut down Daikoku.

Undeterred and determined to keep the night going despite the closure, we decided to hit the highway to loop the C1 with the Y plate guys and their Nissans. Our initial plan was to go for a quick spin and make a pit stop at Heiwajima PA. However, luck wasn’t on our side as we found out that it was also shut down.

With all the usual parking areas closed, the group was left with one last chance to make the night memorable, and that was Oi PA.

Situated on the Metropolitan Expressway in Shinagawa Ward, Oi PA is a relatively small rest stop but it was the only one open and that was good enough for us.

The night run was everything the group had hoped for and more. It was a testament to Japan’s vibrant car culture and a reminder that sometimes unexpected detours can lead to the most unforgettable experiences.

Photos by TB Gherasim |

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  1. Nismo

    February 18, 2023 at 3:42 pm

    Nicely done boys 💯


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