Wide, Low and Cultured – the LOWCUL K-swapped E30 BMW

Photos: Tiby Gherasim | Yusuke Hoshi

Tomizawa-san is a man with a passion for cars, and when he acquired an E30 BMW, he knew that it was the perfect canvas for his automotive vision. He had a clear goal in mind: to create a BMW that blended Japanese style and performance and a nod to his previous ride, a Nissan Hakosuka Skyline GTR.

Tomizawa-san wanted to build a car that was both visually striking and capable of tearing up the track, and so his project began.

To achieve his vision, Tomizawa-san turned to the Pandem widebody kit. The kit primarily consists of flared fenders and a rear ducktail. Changes were also made to the front with USDM front facia and then a maximum drop, all of which give the BMW a wide and low stance that harkens back to classic JDM cars.

He also opted for deep-dish Rays rims, which perfectly complement the Pandem kit and enhance the BMW’s already aggressive lines. Something that may not be immediately noticeable is the decision to have the lip of the wheels painted black on one side and left polished on the other.

To wrap it all up, the E30 is painted in lacks silver, which perfectly ties the whole look together.

While the Pandem kit may be the first thing that catches one’s eye, Tomizawa-san’s modifications under the hood is equally impressive a K-swap sourced from a Honda Odyssey. The reasoning is equally surprising – reliability!

The K-series motor is renowned for its performance capabilities, making it a popular engine swap choice among car enthusiasts. Its ability to handle turbocharging and supercharging makes it an ideal choice for high-performance builds but in true Hakosuka form, this K-swap is staying naturally aspirated.

The mods don’t stop there. The interior is also stripped with race seats and a roll cage, creating a purpose-built race car.

Tomizawa-san’s BMW build represents a rare blend of style and performance that is not often seen in Japan. With his dedication to creating a track-ready build, he has garnered the attention of car enthusiasts worldwide.

His choice to K-swap the E30 and add other performance upgrades showcases the possibilities of combining both style and performance into a car build, making Tomizawa-san’s E30 BMW truly unique.

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