Spotted: Infiniti J30t – The Japanese Sleeper

The Nissan Leopard J Ferie (Infiniti J30 in the US) is a mid-sized luxury vehicle which was released in 1992.

The base model has a 3.0 V6 (VG30DE) producing 200PS which is was also found in the non-turbo 300ZX. The car is rear-wheel drive with a 4-speed automatic.

There were several variants; a J30t touring model with BBS style wheels, MacPherson front struts and a ‘gold package’ with gold wheels, upgraded interior trim and Nissan’s Super HICAS from that era.

At first glance, you would think this is just another random Japanese sedan from the 90’s with a set of aftermarket wheels.

The chrome badges which matched the trimming and door handles don’t really give much away except for the ones on the front guards.

If the twin pods don’t give it away, perhaps the RB26 logo might. This sleeper has a full GT-R conversion including transmission. The built is actually so well that it looked like it came out of the plant in Tochigi with that engine in it.

This car had peeling clear coat on the roof and trunk. I would ordinarily not even notice a car like this at Daikoku but I figured there was a reason the hood was up as it is not common for Japanese owners to do this unless they had something to show…

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