Mike’s Alpha R35 Nissan GTR

Things were never meant to go this crazy...

Like most builds, the initial plan was not to go too crazy apart from the usual bolt-on but then things slowly changed.

Initial modifications were to the exhaust, intakes, injectors and a Cobb Access Port and Ecutek – he chose this as it has better management and access tools for the user.

The one you see here is actually Mike’s 5th R35 GTR. He purchased a completely stock one back in the US and had it shipped to Japan shortly after arriving here.

The car was taken to Top Secret for a full 2017 version aero kit with every possible carbon option ticked. The carnon fenders and hood was slightly cusomized to Mike prefernces.

“When I saw the Top Secret 2017 body kit I knew I wanted this look and the color choice was a bit of a gamble…”


Top Secret also completely stripped the car and painted every panel. Although it looks identical to the 2017 R35 GTR orange, it has s slightly deeper shade. The whole install took close to 6 months to complete.

What was supposed to be a simple exhaust install resulted in a couple of broken pipe bolts which required the whole motor to be removed. At this point, Mike figured he might as well upgrade the turbos.

GT35’s installed to the stock motor and trans which gave him around 600hp at the wheel or 750-800 crank with only 600 torque. The setup was good enough but only for about a year….

The internals consist of HKS pistons and rods as they are the closest in weight and balance to the stock ones for balance. The further ensure reliability, he decided to WPC treat the piston and rods prior to installation.

Mike chose to go with 6 injectors after trying a 12-injector setup which worked okay but was very much on and off. The car also runs dual Walbro 525 LP pumps with a biscotti battleship fuel pump system. They have a direct wire setup so they draw power from the battery/alternator with zero interruption from a low battery or other systems draining the car at wide-open throttle.

When upgrading his exhaust to a newer titanium unit from RH9, he noticed the seals on his transmission were leaking and so the search for an upgrade was on.

The one he ended up with is a complete HKS gear and transmission. This is no longer in production and only made for HKS’s 1300 hp GT-R that they were going to take around the world to do time-attack runs.

Not so hidden behind the custom ADVAN GT’s are Carbon-ceramics. Keeping all that exposed carbon fiber safe is a suspension lift system.

HKS Forged PISTONS and Connecting Rods set step 2
AMS Omega 12 turbo kit
ID 1300 CC injectors x 6
PRO Race front mount Intercooler with Direct
ECUTEK engine management system ECM and TCM 
AMS Fuel Pressure sensor Kit
HKS intake Manifold
HKS Metal Head Gasket
HKS Cams and Valve Spring set kit
HKS Trans Oil Pan upgrade for GR6
WPC treatment to the Pistons and rods
Visconti Stage 3 fuel upgrade
Dual Walbro 525 pumps and billet basket upgrade
Visconti GTR fuel pump Hardwire Kit

AMS Down Pipes
Greedy Midpipe
RH9 Titanium CAT back long pipe and rear Exhaust

Transmission & Cooling:
PRO Race series 6” Intercooler
AMS overflow tank
AMS oil separator and filter
Greedy transmission cooler
HKS complete Gear Kit with clutch

Wheels & Brakes:
Carbon-ceramic brake conversion Kit for GTR
ADVAN GT 20×11 front and 20×12 rear
295/35/20 & 345/30/20 Michelin
Swift Springs with Suspension Lift system

Top Secret hood
Top Secret front bumper
Top Secret lip
Top Secret side skirts
Top Secret rear bumper
Top Secret diffuser and blades
N-Tune NISMO wing
Varis CF trunk

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