Indra’s Track R35 GTR: #weekendtrackcar

Indra’s Track R35 – a suspension-focused built R35 to take to the tracks in Japan when he isn’t busy working on million-dollar race cars during the week.

Indra grew up racing professionally from a young age starting with go-karts and eventually to formula cars and touring cars. As time passed, getting sponsorship became more challenging which meant giving up on racing entirely. The passion for racing continued when Indra was offered an R35 GTR while working in Japan. He knew the potential of the GTR as he was very familiar with the platform.

“I mainly focus on the suspension setup because I need to get my lap times down.”

— Indra

The plan was to build an R35 GTR which would looks good, be fast on the track and somewhat reliable with improved cornering speed and better mechanical grip.

Indra’s R35 GTR has been through tweaks and adjustments since acquiring it. Rather than go the usual high horsepower and wide body kit route, he decided to focus on getting the most out of the vehicle on the track and to work on lowering his lap times.

The front bumper is a Phoenix performance replacement. The huge lip and canards ensure the front end is glued to the track in the corners – the air flow from the aerodynamics is very visible in the rain.

To further balance the car, Indra swapped out the original trunk and wing for dry carbon units from Esprit. 

Nothing fancy in the cabin with just the essentials needed for a weekend track weapon. Bride Vios iii Lowmax with Sabelt 6 point race harness ensure Indra is strapped in place. Depending on the track and purpose, the interior is sometimes stripped prior to race day in order to further save weight.

Transmission oil overheating is a big issue for the GTR; especially on track as it will overheat after 2 to 3 laps around Fuji Speedway. To improve this, he installed a larger TRUST transmission oil cooler.

For his current needs, the factory Brembo’s were kept but heavy duty CCRG Endless pads are used. Front rotors have been changed to Endless E-Slit race rotors. Future plans include Endless Monoblock.

Power is up thanks to a new ECU running 1.4 bar of boost. The exhaust is a full custom titanium setup from the turbos all the way to the tips. For the all-important suspension tuning, Indra contacted a race team in Osaka he knew. They supplied him with a full set of adjustable upgrades working out his specific requirements and setup. Unfortunately, these were custom units and not publicly available.

The vehicle currently sits on Enkei Racing RS05RR with Potenza RE-71R 285 tires on the front and rear.

The GTR is still in development and has a long way to go. Indra has big plans for his R35 but is putting them aside while he works full-time for a well-known race team here in Japan.

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