Henry’s R35 Nissan GTR: built to order

Modifying cars in Japan – especially GTR’s – can be a little challenging and usually doesn’t allow owners the freedom to pick and choose which performance brands and products they would like to use. The usual path is to take your car to a well-known tuner and give them the privilege to suggest what is needed to achieve the performance you are looking for. Henry went a different route here and built the exact R35 GTR he wanted.

Purchased brand new in 2015, Henry got hold of a Premium Edition GTR and almost immediately began working on getting the right look. He knew exactly how he wanted the car to look – a street-tuned Nismo in two-tone with red accents.

The initial upgrade was to replace the wheels. He considered a number of options but eventually decided on a custom set of HRE in matte black from his hometown back in the US. He contacted a close friend who happens to work for HRE and ordered the first – and possibly the only – set destined for an R35 in Japan. They took over 3 months to arrive but it was worth the wait.

Filling the extended carbon fenders up fronts are 285 rubbers and an even wider 335 setup on the rears. The Michelin Pilot Super Sports keeps traction to the ground when launching.

Henry was happy with the interior and opted not to make major changes apart from a few minor cosmetic tweaks including a carbon fiber steering wheel.

“They are one-offs made specifically for the car, so you won’t see any other GTR in Japan with them on”

– Henry

Power was next with custom carbon intakes from the UK, race intercooler, and piping installed. A full RH9 titanium exhaust system was chosen to complete the power upgrade. To ensure the car is reliable, he has kept power levels to a fairly reasonable 700hp via an Ecutek tune.

Future plans include upgraded turbo’s, engine internals and a HKS transmission which is sitting at home waiting to be installed.

AutoSelect wider fenders in exposed carbon, along with a Varis trunk and hood complete the whole Nismo look. In a country where modified R35 GTR’s are a pretty common sight, this R35 certainly stands out from the rest!

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