Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Photo Dump

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 was a magnificent display of cars, tuners, models, and high-performance products, as it always is. The event took place over a span of three days, from January 13th to 15th, and was attended by a total of 179,434 individuals, including exhibitors and their associates.

This year, the Nissan Z and Toyota GR86 received much attention from tuners. There was also an increasing trend towards vehicles made completely from carbon fiber, perhaps initiated by Garage Active’s R32 GTR. While Liberty Walk’s booth and their F40 were awe-inspiring, it was HKS’s exhibition of classic cars and products from the early days of JDM tuning that particularly resonated with us, bringing back warm recollections of the glory days of JDM tuning.

With so many awe-inspiring exhibits and products on display, it’s difficult to single out just a few highlights. We won’t bore you with the opinions and descriptions of the cars on display. We know you just want to see the pics, so here you go. Enjoy the photo dump!

Photos by TB Gherasim |

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