IDING Power Ferrari F460GT

IDING Power – named after its founder Ide-san – is a specialized service and tuning house based in Kanagawa, Japan. Their primary focus is on BMW and Ferrari servicing and tuning dating back to the 70’s.

In 2007, they started on a project to completely tune a Ferrari F430. The changes included a full aero kit, wheels, and a bored engine. They took the stock 4.3 liter motor and increased it to 4.6 hence the name.

Something no other Japanese tuner was doing at the time – and not many would even try attempting now – IDING Power tinkered with the internals of a Ferrari engine.

IDING Power’s concept for the F460GT was to increase top speed whilst maintaining stability and reliability – IDING Power states a record of over 320km.

Said to be the first in the world at the time, the company developed an electronic monitoring system which monitors blind spots during driving, and displays images of the scenery behind the vehicle in real-time. The one on this vehicle is a smaller redeveloped unit.

All F460GT’s have ID plates in carbon with a serial number. This particular one is identified as their demo vehicle.

Power was increased to 508hp and 353lb-ft of torque resulting in a 1/4mile figure of 11.7 seconds which was impressive back in 2008 when the car was unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon.

The F460GT run on IDING Power springs and dampers and a Roberuta air lifter system.

The original IDING Power exhaust was later replaced for a louder iPE Innotech system.

At a time when Ferrari seems to be releasing new models every couple of years, it is somewhat refreshing to see these original models make their way back to the automotive scene.

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