1932 Ford Roadster: Yamazaki-san’s Pacific Highway Cruiser

Rambling the streets with no destination in mind...

Yamazaki-san has a true passion for cars, especially American hot rods and classic muscle cars. During a business trip to LA, he came across a red-flamed 1932 Ford Roadster for sale near his hotel at Newport Beach. It was love at first sight at which point he knew he simply had to have it and get it back with him to Japan.

Part of three models produced by Ford in 1932, the Model B was a completely new model after the Model A ended. It was offered with a four-cylinder or popular flat-head V8 motor. This Roadster now has a small block Chevy 350 crate motor with D&M Supercharger.

Future plans will be to swap the existing motor for a 7 litre big block.

True to its era, the car has no air conditioning which solves any heating problems related to powering the compressor. The engine cover is also now removed exposing all that custom chrome.

In 1932 the Roadster was available in V8 but came with a $10 premium over the sedan model and retailed for just over USD$450…

The metallic blue wrap was chosen as a tribute to its original home back in the US; the blue ocean and sky of Newport Beach in California. Mooneyes in Yokohama helped to complete the look with custom pinstriping and decals.

The Ramblers logo is simply Yamazaki-san’s personal image of one driving and wandering around with no set destination.

The interior follows the exterior look with custom billet wherever possible. Most of the parts are one off custom items.

It is not until you look underneath that you find the original red paint. For those wondering, the number plate flips down on startup.

Apart from wrapping and tires, the car has so far been kept as he originally purchased it in Orange County. There are plans however for further tweaks so we will need to see what this amazing Roadster looks like then.

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