Spotted: A modern take on a time-attack RX7

You can’t overlook a Mazda RX7 when considering a time-attack build. The design and simplicity make it a one of best platforms around.

The first thing you will notice is the stance and width of the car. It has wide fenders and a complete kit by TCP Magic in Japan. Exposed carbon fiber is visible throughout which complemented the black and white theme. This FD is aggressive from every angle and looked like it truly belonged on the track and not driven on public roads.

Time-attack machines are generally workhorses and rarely beautiful in form. Everything is put together for one purpose alone – to make the vehicle as efficient as possible, cutting down time and drag coefficiency.

The almost 30-year-old design of the FD RX7 is transformed with a set of Volk Racing TE37SL. The slightly squared look of the wheel complements to the sharp design of the aero kit which results in a much modern look.

The GT wing on this FD looks even bigger in person but actually complements the whole look well. The exposed hardware adds to the whole race look the owner is trying to achieve. There is no mistaking this RX7 for another built when you see it heading down the highway in Tokyo.

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