Lowriding in Shibuya: a glimpse into Japan’s lowrider car culture

Photos: Tiby Gherasim

Lowriding culture, also known as the “lowrider lifestyle,” has been a significant part of American cultural history since the 1940s. The trend started in California, primarily among Mexican American communities, as a way to personalize their cars and express their cultural identity.

In addition to its roots in the US, lowriding culture has also spread to other parts of the world, including Japan. The Japanese lowrider scene started to develop in the 1980s and has since grown into a thriving subculture. Japanese lowriders, similar to their American counterparts, customize classic American cars to ride low to the ground and add intricate details and designs to their vehicles.

With a new camera setup, we headed to Shibuya with the aim of capturing some lowriders and trying out the new gear. Although there were not many cars on the night, we still managed to put the equipment to the test.

Despite the rarity of classic American cars in Japan, there is a dedicated following for lowriders and once a month, they gather in the heart of Shibuya for a showing.

Japanese lowriders are known for their attention to detail and their use of high-end tech The lowrider culture in Japan is a unique blend of Japanese and American influences and has become a symbol of self-expression and cultural pride for many Japanese car enthusiasts.

“Despite the rarity of classic American cars in Japan, there is a dedicated following for lowriders”

While the location may seem unusual at first, the messy streets of Shibuya certainly add to the thrill of experiencing lowriding culture in Japan.

The combination of classic American cars, fashion, music, and art, make these monthly meetups a true celebration of the culture and passion that surrounds lowriders.

The lowrider culture has transcended national borders and has become a global phenomenon, with enthusiasts around the world expressing their creativity and passion through the customization of their vehicles.

If you’re in the heart of Shibuya and looking for a unique and exciting experience, be sure to check out the lowrider scene. From the cars themselves to the culture that surrounds them, this is a celebration of creativity and passion.

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