Cars & Coffee Okinawa

Photos: Nismo Jefferson

Despite the gloomy weather conditions and the possibility of rain, Cars & Coffee Okinawa still saw a good turnout of car enthusiasts. To the surprise of many, the turnout was impressive, with a diverse group of people in attendance, including motorcycle riders, with even a bear showing up on a motorcycle.

There were a few prized vehicles, such as an R34 GT-R which was driven by a local Japanese gentleman to the event.

The appearance of a rotary was a rare treat, as they don’t often make an appearance at these events.

The Subarus and EVOs came in with maximum participation, which is always a sight to behold.

The locals were also out in full force, walking around and checking out the cars, providing an opportunity for them to admire and appreciate the diverse array of vehicles on display.

This Honda on air suspension that was parked also turned heads and attracted attention, as people were curious to see how it would handle the potential rain.

Despite the weather, the atmosphere was electric, with a great vibe that allowed people to connect with like-minded individuals and share their passion for cars.

It was great to see people enjoying themselves, admiring each other’s vehicles, and exchanging ideas.

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